Agencies get how-to on open data compliance | FCW

Agencies are expected to deliver on several elements of President Barack Obama’s executive order on open data by Nov. 1, including creation and publication of a list of data assets. To steer these efforts, the Office of Management and Budget … Continued

Indexing Datasets on

Until November 9, 2013, search results on and may differ. Why? On May 9, 2013, President Obama issued an Executive Order (and OMB issued an accompanying policy memo) making “open” the new default for non-sensitive federal government data. Before … Continued

Tour 2.0

As you know, last month launched its new open-source 2.0 catalog ( Based on CKAN, a data management platform used by many open-data catalogs around the world,’s new catalog has received nothing but kudos from users. For … Continued